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Monday, May 28, 2007

the carpenters

I met up with Melody, Jeremy, and their little boy Gabe last week to do a quick family shoot. Melody has been an AMAZING friend and networking partner this past year! She and Jeremy have a photography business together and shoot a lot of weddings and portraits. I met the Carpenters at The Crux...the church Brian & I attend. Melody has really helped me get a good start on my business!! We have a joke where I sometimes call her my "other spouse" since I spend so much time with her and because we talk on the phone WAY too much during the day!!
Check out their site www.carpenterpd.com!
Melody also took the picture of me on my site...in the "about" section.

Monday, May 21, 2007

nick & jen

I had a great time shooting Jen & Nick...I was a little under the weather, but it was a beautiful day and they were both really fun! The funny part was that Jen had forgot to put on her engagement ring for the shoot...but Nick was GREAT and went back to the apartment to get it!! Sorry Jen...I had to add that little part in! It's something I would totally do too! I also really enjoyed talking with them...they are both professional actors and I couldn't help but ask tons of questions about what they do! Nick just got a part in Hamlet!! I might just have to make Brian take me to it! Thanks Nick & Jen for a fabulous day!!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

blu's blog

I'm so excited that the people at Blu Domain chose to feature me as their "it girl" today on their blog!!!! It was DEFINITELY unexpected, but I'm honored! Blu Domain is one of the top, if not THE leader of photographic websites! They also have the COOLEST blog filled with great tips, the latest gossip, and featured photographers. My new site that actually launched this week was design by the AMAZING people at Blu Domain. They do such an incredible job and have made the whole website process a BREEZE!!! THANKS GUYS!!! And thank you Kailee for noticing my work!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

one week old

Baby Blake is one week old! Today I went over to snap a "few" more pics of the little guy! Of course I took a gazillion!!! It's amazing how much he's changed in just a week! Eric & Rebecca are already GREAT parents!! Today I watch them give Blake a bath...and they already have a system down!

Monday, May 14, 2007

scott & whitney's wedding

I don't even know where to start!! This is definitely one of my most favorite weddings EVER!!! Everything about it was AMAZING!!! The whole day was held at Mavris Arts & Event Center which is a BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE place. John, the owner, is such a wonderful and kind person...great to work with!
There were so many creative aspects to the day from the wine bottle center pieces to Scott & Whitney riding off on a tandem bike! I think what I loved the most was Whitney's little hat with netting! How GORGEOUS does she look!!!!
Scott & Whitney are TRULY an AMAZING couple...I know God is going to BLESS their marriage!