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Friday, January 25, 2008

little baby claire

This is the Carpenter's little baby girl Claire! She is SO sweet and is SUCH a good baby. Amanda, from Turtle Pond Photography, and I went over to visit Mel and take a few pictures of Claire a few days ago. Not only are Mel and Amanda wonderful friends, but it's also a blessing that they are photographers too! It's great to have that support and to have friends to bounce ideas off of!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

very thankful!

This past weekend I was in Michigan shooting my cousin's wedding. We were all VERY concerned when we realized that my mom was not at the ceremony. We knew something wasn't right. Brian and my brother Eric were about to go look for her when my sister-in-law Becky received a call from my mom. She had been in an accident, but was doing well. She had hit some ice on an overpass, slammed into the cement barrier going 70 and then rolled her car three times!!! We are beyond thankful that she wasn't seriously hurt just really beat up and bruised. No cuts, broken bones, just a really black and blue face! It was amazing to see how God really protected her! The whole car was totaled. It was a miracle that she made it through that accident!


I did finish shooting the wedding. My WONDERFUL sister-in-law Becky stayed with me and helped second shoot. She did a fabulous job and was exactly what I needed to get through that scary situation and keep on working. Thanks Bec!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

she's here...madison grace!!!

Tim and Andrea are some of our best friends and we were SO excited when we found out they were having a baby! Brian and I LOVE BABIES!!! Yesterday Andrea was induced early in the morning...and then had little baby Madison around 11:45 at night....I think it takes way too long to have a baby! I'm sure a lot of women agree with that. I was so thrilled that Tim and Andrea let me take some pictures!!! Madison is SO BEAUTIFUL...just like her mommy!
Congratulations Tim and Andrea!!! Love you guys!

john & kristin...engaged!!!

This was definitely my coldest shoot to date, but John and Kristin were such troopers! I was home in Michigan for Christmas so we did the e-session in good old downtown Jackson! Old towns normally make for great backdrops...so I was actually pretty excited about shooting there.

I've known Kristin since high school and before I went to college we were extremely close. I couldn't be more happy for her!! John is so incredibly nice and is such a gentleman! She's a lucky girl!! I can't wait for their wedding in April!


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