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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

out of town for the holidays...

On Thursday I will be headed to Ft. Wayne and then Michigan to spend time with family for Christmas! I'm SO looking forward to this!! I won't return until January 1st....2008! I have a few portrait sessions and a wedding during that time...but I'm not sure I'll have a chance to blog until I return home. I will be checking email so feel free to get a hold of me that way!


Friday, December 07, 2007

ryan & aubrey...engaged!!!

So this is a super long post...and I just might add more pics to it when I have a little more time, because I had the hardest time not picking EVERY SINGLE IMAGE!
This past weekend I traveled to Philadelphia to visit one of my best friends Aubrey and to shoot her and Ryan's engagement pictures.
First of all, I had the BEST TIME EVER!!! It was SO good to see Aubrey and even though I already knew Ryan a little bit...it was great to hang with him and get to know him even more! I'm SO glad they are getting married!
I had a GREAT time shooting their pictures...even though it was another freezing, sleeting, cold day!! I loved being in a new city and being able to shoot in a different location. There was so much character in the area where Aubrey lives. I also HAVE to mention that they are the most fun and cute couple! They definitely knew how to work the camera! HA!
I can't wait until their wedding in June! Love you guys!!!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ben & melissa...engaged!

I've know Ben and Melissa since I was in high school. Ben was the goalie coach when I played varsity soccer and Melissa went to my rival school and worked with me at Outback Steakhouse in collage. The are both such great individuals and are even better when they are together!
I had the BEST time shooting their engagement pictures, despite the fact that is was 29 degrees and sleeting! They are both so good looking that they make my job pretty easy! I also get the privilege of shooting their Christmas wedding coming up in just a few weeks!
Thanks Ben and Melissa for a fun shoot!! Enjoy!